Some of you that have known me for several years or have read The Glory of Hope know the story of the mockingbird. For those that don’t, I’ll catch you up. Around fall 1997 I pulled into my driveway and got out to check my mail. As I stepped out of my truck I heard a beautiful melody of songs coming from above me. I looked up and it was a mockingbird singing its heart out. Loud and crisp and clear! Beautiful music! I walked to the mailbox and back to my truck and still it sang out to me. I stood and listened for a while. I had recently had to put one of my sweet kitties down and I thought of her. I also thought of my mom and my two grandmothers all who had left earth for heaven. At that moment I felt warmed by presence of all the strong women in my life that were no longer with me. I named Ms Mockingbird Hestia, the Greek goddess of hearth and home of whom I had recently discovered while reading Simple Abundance by Sara Ban Breathnach.
Hestia continued to show up. Just a day or two later at my office sitting on an outdoor stairway hand railing where I parked. Later in the window of a co-workers office. Over and over through the years Hestia has shown up most unexpectedly but always at just the right time.
On Wednesday of last week I was honored to attend a flag ceremony honoring 30 local veterans. Here in Chattanooga we have Veterans Bridge which connects downtown to the north side of Chattanooga. There are 30 American flags that line the bridge. In honor of these Veterans a flag is raised and will hang in that person’s honor for 6 months. Arch Trimble III, my funny, loving, generous, brilliant insurance guru boss and Semper Fi marine was one of those honored. What a beautiful tribute to such a great man on such a beautiful fall morning on the bluff of the Tennessee River.
As our mayor was speaking she caught my eye. Hestia! She was perched on the branch of a Gingko tree just to the right of the mayor. She was quiet. Making sure all was well as I snapped pictures. As she perched there overlooking it all, I felt the long missed presence of my boss and friend, a much needed dose of closeness. Thank you Father for bringing yourself to where we are, even if only on the wings of a small gray bird with a beautiful choice of songs!

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