The Glory of Hope was written from a call from God. He knew my story and He knew His part. He wanted it shared with others. The book is about a 10 year
period of my life beginning with the loss of my mother which in an indirect way led to me meeting a new man that I quickly fell in love with. The marriage turned to domestic violence abuse. I hid the truth from others including my entire family.

My message of the book is about hope. As my marriage was falling further and further into destruction, my relationship and dependence on God grew. From that, I was learning of my own worth and that I was worthy of hope for a better life.

The love of our Almighty Father is unfailing and His grace abundantly given. It was that love and grace that brought me out of that destructive marriage and put me on a path of freedom from fear and pain.

God’s message is that ALL of His children are worthy of a life abundant in joy.


As a survivor of domestic violence I am lead by God’s hand to reach out to others with a message. That message is that God loves YOU; completely and without compromise. You are His. I yearn for you to know Him. I pray for you to know Him.

He has that same yearning for you. My relationship with God is the power, the patience, the hope, and the foundation of my life and my future. I could not imagine going through any trial without Him and praise Him for the freedom He has brought me.

I went into a marriage blindly; blindness I chose. There were warning signs as to the possible unpredictable behavior of my husband. There were lies and there were secrets. I chose to push those warning signs aside. I chose to think that I could “save” this man. What happened destroyed me in so many ways.