It’s interesting what a difference a year can make. Some years are givers, some takers. 2015 has been a taker. It has taken a lot to get through the year. A struggle actually. Losing my friend of close to 20 years, by boss and business partner. Struggling to keep a business running when I had lost my closest confidant and commander. The challenges we faced together. The battles we fought. More won than lost. The sprit in which we worked so hard to rebuild a legacy. Left all alone. It has felt that way many times.

Losing Douglas 6 months later. My constant companion at home. The one I looked forward to seeing first when I walked through my door every evening. My laughter, my joy, my hugger, my teacher and student. My little boy. My heart still breaks at the thought of him.

We learn a lot from these losses and trials. I tell myself I am stronger than it all. I am not.

This morning as I was getting ready for work the title of my book ran through my mind. “The Glory of Hope”. Suddenly, I wondered what that meant. My counselor tells me that as we continue to experience life the things we first thought they meant take on a new meaning. Our roots grow deeper and the meaning does as well.

Webster defines Glory as:

Worshipful praise, honor, and thanksgiving

Webster defines Hope as:

to expect with confidence; trust

I have been hording my Hope. I have failed to trust. I have convinced myself that what I need is me. I am the one that makes things happen. I give it to God and then take it back. In the end I find myself exhausted, bewildered, and a soul out of harmony.

As we approach Christmas day what I would like to share with you is that the greatest Glory we have is putting our Hope in Christ. He is with us! Next time you see me, email me, text me, call me…please remind me of that. I need to hear it, and hear it often!

John 1: 16-17
From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another. For the law was given through Moses, but God’s unfailing love and faithfulness came through Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas and many blessing for the New Year!

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