Of those of you who have read my book and those of you to come…you will notice on a single page just before the contents this scripture, Jeremiah 33:3.  That scripture has significant meaning to me and has for many years.  I firmly believe that God hears our prayers and He answers all of them.  Maybe not in the way we are wishing for or in the time frame we would prefer, but I do believe He hears, and He answers.  And when He does answer, it is always for the better of our good.

About 15 years ago, or so, I left a job without another to take it’s place.  I left for strong personal reasons that I won’t go into, but I felt no other recourse.  I knew this was a big financial risk for the sake of personal reasons and beliefs.  I was unemployed for three months.  Three long trying months, but I kept reminding myself this was done by me and I had to figure out what to do next.

Those three months allowed me time to spend alone with scripture.  That time was so beautiful and intimate as I grew closer to God and much more open and receptive to hearing from Him.

I kept waking at 3:33 AM.  This keeping happing two to three times a week, week after week.  I finally convinced myself God was trying to communicate something to me.  I sat down with my Bible and went through every 3:33 or 33:3 scripture verses there were.  Many of them really didn’t make much sense to me nor seem to speak anything that I could relate to at the time.  However, Jeremiah 33:3 did.

To this day anytime 3:33 or 333 shows up to me, and it shows up in many ways, I am reminded that He is near, and He hears me, and He will answer.


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