In the past few months I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting Mandi Ball and Mark Wilson of Saving Angels Project. Our reason for meeting was not so pleasant however. It actually was quite tragic. You see in April Mandi’s sister and 8 year old nephew were murdered. They were ambushed by Melissa’s husband, Grayden’s father. Melissa and her husband had been together for many years. Their marriage included physical abuse. From what I understand, that abuse was never directed toward Grayden, just his mother. Melissa finally took the step of courage and left her abusing husband. On that fatal day, Melissa met her husband at a local convenience store to pick Grayden up from his dad. They met at a public place, a safe place, Melissa thought. However, as Melissa was getting Grayden from her husband’s vehicle, he shot his son, turned the gun on Melissa, then himself. That day an entire family died because of one selfish act.

The above picture was drawn by Grayden, it was found in his mother’s vehicle.

Over the years Mandi watched this progression of abuse and what it was doing to her sister and nephew. She told me that when Melissa had finally gotten out, she was happy again. She was her old self. She was laughing again. And two months later it ended. Melissa was doing everything she could do legally to help herself and her son. But everything was moving too slowly. No one recognized the urgency of her needs. Going through the system failed her and her son.

From that failure, Mandi and Mark started Saving Angels Project. This is a non-profit organization to help victims of domestic violence. It is not a shelter. It is a source of refuge in emergency situations. They are prepared to help a victim get out of a current situation and into an emergency shelter or hotel, even providing food and transportation if necessary. In many situations a woman may be fleeing for her life and have no way out or any means to support herself. Saving Angels Project mission is to assist in these situations.

Mandi and Mark are two of the most incredible people I have met in my life. Their determination, drive, commitment, and endless amount of energy boggle my mind! These two are 24/7, living, working, dreaming, or thinking of Saving Angels Project. I cannot believe what they have accomplished in such a short time. And I don’t think there are any limits to what these two will bring to our community on behalf of homes and families affected by domestic violence. I will not even try fast forwarding. I’m just along for the ride!

I will continue to keep you posted about the progress and successes of Saving Angels Project. Visit their website at Please keep Mandi and Mark and their purpose in your prayers.  I’ve heard it said so many times, God will bring out the good from the bad.  He certainly has!

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