The number of American troops killed in Afghanistan and Iraq between 2001 and 2012 was 6488. The number of American women who were murdered by current or ex male partners during that same time was 11,766. Seriously? Yes, seriously!

In 2000 during a speech in front of approximately 300 people, 90% of which were men, I rattled the then sad statistics of Domestic Violence and women. Even more sadly in the 15 years since I gave that speech the statistics have remained the same or gotten worse. This implies that nothing is being done, the right things are not being done, or the silence is way bigger than the problem. Myself, I believe the later.

I did a quick search on the leading causes of death of women in the US. From the CDC dated 2011 I found the following:

  • Heart Disease     22.9%
  • Cancer                 21.8%
  • Stroke                  6.1%

Not mentioned in the above, this one…

30% of deaths to women are due to homicide, by their current or former partner

So I guess we need to put this as the #1 leading cause of death to women in the US, ahead of Heart Disease, Cancer, and stroke. Where is the cure for this?

Silence is our permission of acceptance.

Why is that? Why are we silent? Is it none of our business? Trust me, when it becomes one of your family members, it is. Is it simply behavioral issues and those involved…it’s just their problem? If one gets themselves into these situations – it is up to them to get out? Who is responsible for their safety? Who is responsible for caring, helping, reaching out or reaching in? Where does their support come from? Where and who are the resources to help those desperate for help?

I am far from being the first person looking for answers. They are not being asked for the sake of my own story. Frankly, I am weary from hearing of senseless deaths.   God did not put us on this earth to become victims, nor, His purpose for bringing us to life.

Society has turned a blind eye and a blind heart to the devastation of destruction caused by in home violence. More and more we hear stories of male partners deliberately taking the life of their own children, spouses, and themselves.

This is a situation that needs broad attention of ALL of society. There is a huge separation, a huge sense that these situations only occur in specific income levels, specific areas of community, a specific color, a specific nationality. None of this is true. This disease, if you will, has no boundries.

If you encounter 3-4 different women in any given day, your chance of looking into the face of a battered woman is 100%.

What does that say to you?

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