I have been away from this for way too long! I apologize for my absence. Below I have copied a reading from one of this week’s devotionals. I simply cannot add anything to it. Enjoy…


 Be strong and let your heart take courage,
all you who hope in the Lord.
Psalm 31:24

There are many places, my child, where only sheer courage will see you through. Prayer is the breath of the soul. Faith is paramount. Love is the essence of pure being. But none of these will suffice in the hour or stress if you have not courage.
Courage is that inner fortification of the disposition that is undaunted by the impossible, unthwarted by the improbably, and dismayed by the unthinkable. Courage makes perseverance attainable when encouragement is nowhere to be found. Courage is a stream of cool water to the soul when life is dry and parched. Courage gives stamina when love is gone, faith is wavering, and prayer is difficult.
Courage rises like the delivering angel out of the deep unshaken assurance of the immutability of the character and faithfulness of God. Courage knows that for the child of God there is no such thing as disaster. Courage keeps the destination in view and heeds not the intervening obstacles. Courage does not count the cost neither laments losses, because it reckons on unfailing supply and is content in knowing that one man’s loss is another man’s gain and rejoices as much in one as in the other.
Courage is self-denying, self-effacing, self-repudiating, self-sacrificing. Courage is the simplicity of knowing: God is working out His purpose through every circumstance of my life. His plan is good, and how He chooses to act is none of my business, and whom He uses to bring it about is not my concern.

Frances J. Roberts
Make Haste My Beloved from Shared Blessings

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