December 8th, 2019 my mom would be 92!  Hard to believe.

She left this earth 30 years ago to serve in Heaven.

I recently had a dream and my mom was there.  It was so delightful, and I woke up with a feeling of completeness.  For what ever the dream was about and for what ever reason I stood and spoke about her.

I spoke about her bravery, her stature, her elegance.  I spoke about her handwriting. 

I remember standing beside her as she wrote checks (we did that back then) as we checked out of the grocery store, or wherever we were.  Her handwringing was so eloquent.  She was so deliberate and precise with her writing.  It always amazed me! 

She had the most beautiful nails. Nothing fake. She just cared for her hands.  Maybe because she was always loving touching her children with them.  Yet she worked hard in the soil. She built beautiful flower beds with her hands and dug weeds and planted more.

One of our favorite things to do with my mom was go to a Hallmark store and shop for cards.  Yes, there were Hallmark stores in those days.  We would laugh and cry until we peed in our pants.

My last days with her were such a blessing.  Even at the age of 35 as I woke the last morning, I spent with her, I got up and crawled in bed with her.  And we talked and laughed, and talked and laughed, and talked and laughed some more.

The three-hour drive from Chattanooga to Vanderbilt Hospital the night I learned of her passing from an automobile accident was truly a blessing.  It was a long drive and it was pouring down rain. For every rain drop that fell against the passenger window there were tears running down my check.

But in that three hours I thanked God that He had taken her quickly.  That she didn’t suffer.  That she would not know debilitating decline in her health and require constant care.  She would have hated that.  I thanked God for being with her.  I also, knew His need for her.  I knew that He had called her home for His purpose.  And what an honor that was.  In those three hours I found peace and reconciled myself that her purpose on this earth had been served and our heavenly Father needed her more.

I was blessed with spending the last weekend of her life with her.  It was Easter weekend.  I spent Good Friday with her.  As I was saying goodbye to head back to Chattanooga, I received her incredible hug.  I can still feel it today and long for it again. 

Her hugs were defining.  Without a word, I could feel her heart for me.

I thank God for these golden nuggets of memory and reminders that not only is He near, but so is she.

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